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LendingClub is the first fintech to buy its way to a bank charter. It's set to buy Radius Bank in a cash and stock transaction valued at $185 million, in a deal that $LC's CEO Scott Sanborn repeatedly called "transformative."

Just 5 companies made all 60,000 or so wind turbines churning out power across the US. Who are they?


⚡️ ICYMI: Check out the highlights from the @mcuban x Boardroom Twitter Takeover yesterday ⤵️



Allstate is testing a program that monitors speeding and braking habits to tweak your payment weekly https://t.co/z0tMCNfhc9

Just published: front page of the Financial Times UK edition Thursday February 20 https://t.co/bACycHghOt

.@AOC agreed with @WhoopiGoldberg that Bernie needs to "do more" to condemn online harassment done in his name


6 Valuable Lessons You Can Learn From The Martian - https://t.co/SinhojBjX0

Leaked memo: A key Google Cloud president is leaving his role amid a reorganization that will see 'a small number' of positions eliminated https://t.co/wj6srO5Rh5 via @businessinsider

Michael Bloomberg is building a "social media army." It risks blurring the lines even further on political advertising online, and making it harder for users to know what they're actually looking at. https://t.co/eYZPrV0zMq

Virgin Galactic looks like newest cult stock as short sellers dig in https://t.co/VoxATVoNvM

Just published: front page of the Financial Times international edition Thursday February 20 https://t.co/GBDi1ulskO

Aging and fragmented technology has left the Navy unable to fully defend itself from persistent cyberattacks from China and elsewhere, defense officials said, prompting an effort across the service to upgrade and secure computer networks https://t.co/5ex3UZ3oFN

The average American household had 2.52 people in 2019, the country’s lowest size ever https://t.co/YkkYTx6gPA

From @Breakingviews: Mike Bloomberg is throwing his Wall Street clients under the campaign bus. But his ideas for reining them in aren’t that original

New advances in #quantum computing may hold the solutions to some of the world's most pressing issues.

Explore our new series, #QuantumImpact:

Amazon’s Ring security cameras are hugely popular, but they also have huge security holes. Here’s how to protect yourself. https://t.co/leunyS4Khr

TikTok increased its safety features this week, after being fined and investigated in the U.K. and U.S. over the way it handles the data of its young users https://t.co/1lwtH3xLJA

Google's users in the UK will no longer be protected by Europe's strict privacy regulations https://t.co/B70fnSCzO4

Brazil's 'last samurai' seeks to keep tradition alive in South America https://t.co/vVYiVPxiKc

How a sneaker artist turned his passion from a side hustle into a full-fledged career customizing pairs of Nike and Adidas shoes for celebrities like Jay-Z and LeBron James https://t.co/RixczhsTVY

This Japanese customization company helps turn the Suzuki Jimny into a miniature version of some of the world's most iconic off-roaders https://t.co/JtxrDvC5sN

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Mike Bloomberg's advice on how to get rich is the stupidest thing I've ever heard a billionaire say. @Sales_Source https://t.co/4tvJNJMERK

"We're actively working and promoting GBV 12 months per year, every year."

Between album releases (their 30th comes out Feb. 20), Guided by Voices play three-hour shows while promoting an annual fan gathering, beer partnerships, and a journal series. https://t.co/NG8M7OQrxt

The first Catholic diocese in Pennsylvania has filed for bankruptcy, the latest fallout from a grand-jury report released by the state’s attorney general that detailed decades of clergy sexual abuse of children https://t.co/wXCvvvyUui

Deutsche Telekom is aiming to become market leader in the United States, CEO Tim Hoettges said, now that a deal for its T-Mobile unit to take over Sprint was cleared by a judge. More here: https://t.co/LnC6I4Nc2I

I went to Ethereum's big confab in Denver. Some thoughts + a cool pic of @VitalikButerin & the Bufficorn:

Here's how 'Medicare for All' supported by progressives like Bernie Sanders would affect every part of the $3.6 trillion US healthcare system https://t.co/LmvtaowwwE

Bloomberg's 'social media army' blurs the lines on political ads and makes it harder for people to know what they're actually looking at https://t.co/dZxvBAqPX0

Tala and other startups are flooding Kenya with apps offering high-interest loans https://t.co/zvq1Q5jxVr

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The New York Times leads the winners of the George Polk Awards. The 1619 Project, a series from The Times Magazine, wins a special award. https://t.co/OI8T0Ww1Jx

For now, Coinbase looks like a casino, but founder Brian Armstrong sees it as just the beginning of a financial liberation of the planet https://t.co/Tz7sJgaE4M #Blockchain50

How will the proposed new UK immigration system work? Which sectors will benefit? Which ones will lose? We have the answers: https://t.co/4OhyqPoGlT

Luxury retailers have lost billions in value as a result of coronavirus-outbreak fears. Many aren't sure what the full impact will be. https://t.co/FoODx9vxbF

We shopped at Bloomingdale's off-price store and found the deals were worth sorting through the massive mess https://t.co/x87zj7zKi2

Business-jet shipments last year jumped to their highest level in a decade https://t.co/SI3ZiGIYFP

Get the lowdown on digital wallet payments!

💳Learn how payments work with @Moneris → https://t.co/OKhYRudolt

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Argentina’s new president held a meeting with oil executives to smooth things over after slamming the industry while he was running for office. For many, the damage was done, as can be seen in Añelo, a town in the Vaca Muerta shale region https://t.co/phlMyWcmYu

What do President Trump, Speaker Pelosi, GOP Sen. Grassley and Dem. Sen. Blumenthal have in common? They want to take on the drug industry https://t.co/1PEqQ7Ak46

Dish Network's quarterly results beat Wall Street estimates, as it lost fewer pay-TV subscribers. More here: https://t.co/HARn8LzgJM

Explaining complex topics just got a lot simpler. @scott_mautz https://t.co/KnviERwdMM

Forever 21 snapped up by mall owners, Authentic Brands https://t.co/Opj9kUxuFs

This is how China keeps its enormous-but-stressed financial system from crashing https://t.co/GVJ77P755M

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry just revealed new details about their royal exit. Here's how much money they'd need to maintain their lavish lifestyle in their new, normal lives. #Megxit https://t.co/M7rxuRuAUS

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E. Jean Carroll, the writer who said President Trump raped her in a Bergdorf Goodman fitting room in the mid-1990s, said she was fired by Elle magazine because of Trump's repeated insults against her https://t.co/x611Ss2cZc

Every Entrepreneur Should Learn These Essential Copywriting Skills | by @Entrepreneur https://t.co/fPdMrvHtV9

"The bears were dead wrong." How Apple defied the odds to post the biggest quarterly profit ever. https://t.co/QRJf7Jv8Gn

Do we need to panic about the new coronavirus outbreak? FT data journalists John Burn-Murdoch and Federica Cocco take a look at what four key charts tell us about the spread of Covid-19 https://t.co/sto5oThvuz

Michael Bloomberg’s campaign is hiring hundreds of people to post on their personal social-media accounts in support of the candidate and send texts to friends about him https://t.co/pzFzgDATPZ

Here's how you can adapt your brand in a mobile world https://t.co/MrFWl2dwGR #paid @BiznessReporter

Coronavirus fears prompt Chinese ride-hailing app DiDi to install protective sheets in vehicles and gave masks to drivers https://t.co/40lEggjEj3

Michael Bloomberg's campaign announces that he will sell his financial information company if elected to the White House. More here: https://t.co/kfYYRZN6oI

Amazon is getting into the luxury goods industry. @WSJheard explains why the company may have a hard time getting important brands to sign up. #WSJWhatsNow https://t.co/obqdnumOVp

The South Korean family whose entertainment empire backed the movie "Parasite" has gained about $100 million since the film won the Oscar for Best Picture https://t.co/L3qsnewc2p

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The best sales and deals happening online today include savings on designer watches at @Jomashop, outdoor gear and clothing at @TheNorthFace, business casual workwear at @Dockers, shelving and drawer systems at @ContainerStore, and more https://t.co/XzEwGo0X48

In today's episode of #HowSuccessHappens with @roberttuchman, @DaniellaYac, co-founder of @BaubleBar, discusses figuring out the right answers by making the wrong decisions and failing your way to success. Listen now! https://t.co/JI6YL8RT9K

Explaining complex topics just got a lot simpler. @scott_mautz https://t.co/dyti7GBvHU

Insiders explain how fractional-share trading went from fringe to must-have — and who's actually doing it in an industry where everyone wants to be an early mover https://t.co/0JCVjz1VsX

Latest Rosneft sanctions ratchet up U.S. threats for foreign firms dealing with Venezuela https://t.co/Tf7JkFEszI

Bloomberg will face his Democratic presidential challengers on the debate stage for the first time tonight.

How to watch and 4 key issues: https://t.co/my6lTAPX1Q

Long a finance and design hub, Milan has become Italy's lone large city with a thriving residential real-estate market

Why Russia’s one time richest man won’t see a penny of the $50 billion Vladimir Putin "destroyed" https://t.co/mJxzpD6bE3

Even if you're not texting with the Saudi crown prince, you still need to be worried about spyware https://t.co/qY2zygZhOz

The future of luxury fashion: FIT's up-and-coming designers brought inclusion — and controversy — to New York Fashion Week https://t.co/jZP7J1dYOd

What's the best book you've read on climate change? Here are four new releases that look at how (or if) we can get to a zero carbon future https://t.co/j7pu7yVjnG

The most punctual? Hawaiian Airlines, Delta and Alaska Airlines. The least? Frontier, JetBlue and United. https://t.co/XkT6t83kmP

Inside the 'creator retreat' for influencers trying to replicate the collaborative success of Hype House and the Vlog Squad and make as much content as possible https://t.co/6DXuwtF0AM

Due to the coronavirus, Facebook's Oculus Quest VR headset shipments are delayed https://t.co/wekD072JYb by @MattRyanPerez

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Nissan is launching a subscription service that lets you switch to a different car every day. Here's how it works. https://t.co/kHzdQVlb2U

It was a night of disappointment for PSG, while Dortmund’s 19-year-old star scored two goals in a 2-1 victory https://t.co/cVZJNtImOo

Exclusive: Google users in UK to lose EU data protection - sources https://t.co/AT4IklbdF0

Peter Thiel-backed Layer1 is the latest company to bet big on 'mining' the digital currency. https://t.co/QNnsUzbHC6

Uber Shuts Down Its LA Office and Reportedly Lays Off 80 People https://t.co/xlfcCe9Hkh

Your boss can spy on you. @bysarahkrouse explains what you can do to protect your private life. #WSJWhatsNow https://t.co/DNkxa0eML9

More than 1 billion people in the world today need assistive technology, but only 1 in 10 have access to the products they require.

Check out how we're hacking our way to solutions: https://t.co/diKlYie62H #AIForAccessibility

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How to Optimize the Content on Your Website https://t.co/V3bipqfd9y

Authentic leaders know that helping others is not a duty, it is a joy.

Are you good at spotting fake news? You will probably say 'yes', but, as Gillian Tett points out, the truth is way more difficult to identify than expected https://t.co/HbQAV2Id4B

'A new risk to the global growth outlook': Here's what the Fed said about the coronavirus outbreak at its last meeting https://t.co/daJYXpAvNL

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