Warby Parker, credited with creating the direct-to-consumer craze, now wants to go direct-to-cornea with Scout, a line of daily contact lenses https://t.co/bEZf1Qwjkp

At 74 years old, the last carpet handweaver of his kind in Gaza is striving to maintain his business amidst the regional conflict

See how local weavers are preserving their traditional techniques: https://t.co/1mj1YB8RF2

Apple CEO Tim Cook says privacy isn't a feature that should be built into products after the fact https://t.co/GIdj3Ag8Co

Turkey’s invasion of northern Syria after Donald Trump pulled back US troops has allowed Isis to 'reconstitute capabilities' and 'strengthen its ability to plan attacks abroad', a US intelligence agency has said. https://t.co/ZjV9drZgtL

"What are the chances that two guys, about the same age, living in the same town, working at the same institution, would own the same rare car?" A pair Duke University employees discover they have matching 1951 Frazer Manhattan convertibles https://t.co/SKzrmXXX8Z


Just published: front page of the Financial Times, UK edition, Wednesday 20 November https://t.co/POCSBeysWm

"It got more intense than any of us would have expected," Kohl's CEO Michelle Gass tells Fortune. https://t.co/lEXKJEseQW

Even though Rob Gronkowski hasn’t played a single snap in the NFL this year, he just made an announcement guaranteeing he’ll be on hand for this year’s big game in Miami https://t.co/vfPXDUADBj

As Japan’s economic outlook turns gloomy, how much longer can Shinzo Abe last? https://t.co/dQIDa7zv1B

Airbus unveiled a battery-powered sports aircraft, which will compete in the world's first electric air racing competition in 2020 — via @BIDeutschland https://t.co/FZJo74TlFp

19 Tom Bilyeu Quotes That Will Inspire You To Become Your Best Self - https://t.co/mR959COOw6

WATCH: Kurt Volker opening statement https://t.co/HzDLMwPSH4 #ImpeachmentHearing

Millennials might not be buying multimillion-dollar ranches, but Kanye West sure is https://t.co/xDyKqZ5pr5

Samsung's plan to outsource more smartphones is a play to drive value to its Galaxy A series: https://t.co/d2lbPYvoZq

Daniel Goldman: "What reason did Mr. Eisenberg give you for why the call record was put in the highly classified system?"

Morrison: "It was a mistake."

Goldman: "He said it was just a mistake?"

Morrison: "It was an administrative error."

Watch here: https://t.co/tjNfeXGIo7

"The suburban office market isn’t dead": Eager to lure young workers to the suburbs, developers are adding new amenities. https://t.co/ntzKcac0fi

Washington issues a new 90-day license extension to Huawei, allowing the Chinese tech giant to continue doing business with U.S. firms. More here: https://t.co/c5BNEkN4t7

The 3 questions self-made billionaire Stripe founder Patrick Collison asks of every leadership hire @entrylevelrebel https://t.co/DT62l68hYg

Thanks for sharing! RT @karen_johnson1: Are You a Person of Influence? https://t.co/sx1FuEeIwq via @LeadToday

Here are eight words that people send me all the time, but they’re eight words that’ll never get anyone anywhere: “Let me know if you ever need a...” https://t.co/u88GZTIW4i

"As we would with any Soldier, the Army will work with civilian authorities to ensure that he and his family are properly protected," an Army spokeswoman told me.

The spox said the Army "is providing supportive assistance to help Lt. Col. Vindman with the public attention." https://t.co/KVIDoz26Vr

The lawsuit potentially sheds light on where Giuliani's indicted associates got money to open the door to Trump's inner circle. https://t.co/DXcpX6lqYe

The partisan divide is paying off for some politically active brands: “It doesn’t matter how many people hate your brand as long as enough people love it.” https://t.co/5sPLU1vIzO

Sam Wyly and his late brother, Charles, watched a fortune built on arts-and-crafts chain Michael's and other companies disappear after one of the largest tax-evasion cases in history https://t.co/GUIUvaq8O7

In these 13 cities, homes are losing value quickly https://t.co/xS7wCGErhp

Why is the U.S. lagging on things like tap-to-pay?

Visa CEO Al Kelly says it's not because of businesses—it's because of our cards https://t.co/4WfZeSRErl

Walmart's ad push, WPP's in-housing gamble, IgnitionOne faces accusations https://t.co/2VicaC6LcL

The Amex Platinum can save you up to $100 on Saks Fifth Avenue purchases each year, and you can stack this benefit with other discounts https://t.co/QSlVh63HOk

Carl Icahn is betting against struggling malls, wagering that owners won't be able to pay their debts, according to people familiar with the matter https://t.co/2UyPtGnGsN

Hire the most talented people, then get out of their way. https://t.co/3auX1Izrp2

Analysis: Boris Johnson survived a high-stakes televised duel with Jeremy Corbyn, with a snap opinion poll suggesting he had narrowly beaten his Labour opponent in the most dramatic encounter of the election campaign to date. https://t.co/6aDYuAkQiz

Did you like her elevator pitch? Tune in tomorrow for a brand new episode of Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch. https://t.co/lJn05de5NA

Hold that purchase: If you're planning on buying something in one of these categories, it's worth waiting until Black Friday. https://t.co/dpG3OeREMB

The world needs rare earths. But almost all the production and processing power is in one country: China. https://t.co/J53zibyZmx

Watch: What can you expect when you donate your DNA to science? https://t.co/SaMkCDJALb

Former Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein blasts Elizabeth Warren’s attacks on billionaires https://t.co/TdaPhoisNx by @skleb1234

Hey @BarbaraCorcoran please RT Hey #Vegas #Dallas #LA and #NYC - just announced the dates for our open calls for @ABCSharkTank for 2020! Details and more cities to be announced soon! Follow me for the latest updates! #SharkTank

☸️✨ Got stickers? ✨☁️

We’ve created these fun stickers for Instagram to celebrate #KubeCon 2019! You can use them in your stories by searching “KubeCon.”


What Every Entrepreneur Should Know Before Adopting New Tech (Sponsored by @SprintSmall) https://t.co/oymrGvMxOV

Today Gannett became the largest newspaper company in the country. @marcatracy sat down with the boss. https://t.co/sRBUBRsuit

Vizio smart TVs still don't have the Disney Plus app, but the company is rolling out a major update that will let anyone with a smartphone stream Disney's new service https://t.co/zXiX8HK3Go

19 Tom Bilyeu Quotes That Will Inspire You To Become Your Best Self - https://t.co/Fd1Y0FePEg

Gates overtook fellow centibillionaire Bezos on Bloomberg's Billionaires Index. The news came after Microsoft beat out Amazon for a $10 billion Pentagon contract, spiking Microsoft's shares and sinking Amazon's. More on @businessinsider.

#itvdebate was a zero sum game. Nobody learned or gained anything. Both candidates resorted to soundbites and simplistic arguments. No real debate on policy.

But in the dynamics of #ge2019, Jeremy Corbyn needed to make gains and he didn’t. So Boris Johnson emerged on top.

Regulating fintech—from Bitcoin to blockchain—requires more principles, not rules, writes CFTC head Heath Tarbert. https://t.co/mctB5Y8WtG

"My heart is always in my mouth." Fisherman use $1,000 drones to carry fishing lines out to sea and stress out about crashing them. https://t.co/b1taHXwMNm

Money touches almost every decision we make and goal we want, so hiring a financial planner can make a lot of sense https://t.co/VAezoCr2No

Last year, Chick-fil-A gave $1.65 million to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and $115,000 to the Salvation Army, according to tax filings https://t.co/J9UISPiCKv

"Be curious" ... about everything.
So says @JosephDeitch @CommonwealthFN JUST @BW
@BloombergRadio with @jasonkellynews and me ...

If you missed:
https://t.co/bXoH4672yC on iTunes, Soundcloud and https://t.co/KM4M0pFMRq

Here’s everything to know about Airbnb’s 2020 IPO—which could be nontraditional https://t.co/Ev85yhBZM2 by @skleb1234

New Jersey eyes its own California-style AB-5 bill that will hurt self-employment @eriksherman https://t.co/zWDNdswwZw

Bird will give free scooter rentals to riders who prove they're wearing a helmet by taking 'helmet selfies' https://t.co/3NhcKhKkX6

GitHub’s CEO is putting 24 terabytes of source code into this Arctic cave https://t.co/XegIIYo5dG

Ahead of the MSNBC Democratic debate, Booker, Harris, Sanders & Warren called for an independent review of workplace issues at NBC News.https://t.co/ras1lOl3zw by @grynbaum

Tehran has moved to quell violent unrest sparked by a fuel-price increase by handing out cash stipends to the poor and orchestrating pro-government demonstrations https://t.co/mquFwck1sX

"Classifying data as doomsday is wrong." https://t.co/2ZKwr12IG6

Willis Johnson built his $1.9 billion fortune from an empire of junkyards https://t.co/ub14xtyCpV

Snap poll finds Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn drew the ITV Leaders Debate https://t.co/aaEj3lXGkR

10 Holiday Gifts Boxes You Can Send From Your Couch https://t.co/nitd0Mu4Og

well Johnson definitely won that or maybe Corbyn or probably both or maybe neither and it’s an hour of your life you’ll never see again #LeadersDebate

The Marriott Bonvoy Boundless card offers 75,000 bonus points after you spend $3,000 on purchases in your 1st 3 months from your account opening https://t.co/DyI7GucMpL

Vindman has been the target of repeated public attacks, including from Trump, over his central role in the escalating impeachment inquiry. The Army is prepared to move him to a safe location if necessary. https://t.co/NOtZBjgvTg

WATCH: Tim Morrison opening statement at #ImpeachmentHearing

Watch LIVE here: https://t.co/tjNfeXGIo7

Why most of the unicorns SoftBank’s Vision Fund brings to the market will be flops https://t.co/OAAFYfHC0j

US Army regulations state: "All personnel will wear an Army uniform when on duty, unless granted an exception by the commander to wear civilian clothes."

Lt. Col. Vindman, an Iraq War combat veteran, is an active duty Army officer. https://t.co/Z3Ul00HOjQ

WATCH: @repDevinNunes opening statement at afternoon #ImpeachmentHearing.

Watch LIVE here: https://t.co/93H5CKb0e4

Learn how to humanize your brand in this new era of marketing with @carlosgil83. Join tomorrow's @EntMagInsider workshop at 12 p.m. EST. https://t.co/OwfVcWfK6j

WATCH: @RepAdamSchiff opening statement at afternoon #ImpeachmentHearing.

Watch LIVE here: https://t.co/tjNfeXGIo7

Ukraine to change law on bank insolvency in bid for IMF loans https://t.co/OkqWLjv3aL

The Chinese telecom equipment maker plans to shift where it spends $11 billion on supplies. https://t.co/eYds1mURwJ

From @WSJopinion: The SEC should rethink its new guidance on proxy advisory firms, writes @Carl_C_Icahn https://t.co/1TCvE1ByVJ

This famous but secretive in-house hedge fund generates average annual returns of 70%. Why is it so successful? https://t.co/FOccul4xyY

.@MakingTheBand is back—and the competition is fiercely social. See how @MTV and @Diddy are using apps like @smule and @twitter to discover the next Danity Kane. #MTBcasting https://t.co/Odwl05zq5Y

How many journalists will be laid off as part of the GateHouse-Gannett merger? Michael Reed, the company's chief executive, said in an interview, “I can’t give you an exact number, but almost nothing.” https://t.co/sOvAbnQB8A

Viral "smart bombs" are becoming weapons against superbugs https://t.co/Ft4mTK0jfp

How to avoid problem clients @YEC https://t.co/475xx69Djh

With new power, Margrethe Vestager — head of the European Commission’s antitrust division — has outlined an agenda that squarely targets the tech giants https://t.co/OFecw9cCDQ

eBay exec reveals why the company stopped competing with Amazon and embraced its role as a platform for small business owners https://t.co/6tUR2CokOB

Ever wonder why
🐟 Bluefin Tuna
👠 Louboutins or
🎨 Oil Paint are so expensive?
BI x @Flipboard have the answers: https://t.co/8LWWaRDGEQ

Lessons from Frozen 2: getting older is weird, other people are complicated and yes, we should all occasionally try the Unknown https://t.co/3li325Jh71

Russians living in Estonia, said president Kersti Kaljulaid, don’t support the Putin-regime, and it’s important to acknowledge that "we don’t confuse people with their management, they are suffering." https://t.co/mbehtmayF2

Just published: front page of the Financial Times, international edition, Wednesday 20 November https://t.co/ufwNLk0FuH

10 reasons an annuity might make sense for you https://t.co/gXJT1zOF8i #paid @Impact_Partner

Legal setbacks have weighed on Johnson & Johnson shares but better news could be on the way for stockholders #WSJWhatsNow https://t.co/VEptGzeMyO

Excited to grace the December cover of @Entrepreneur magazine. If you have a dream, don’t ignore it. If you wanna see change, be the change you want to see.✌🏿https://t.co/6RaYKs6Cl8
📸: Art Streiber


'Mary Poppins' author P.L. Travers' home — in one of London's ritziest neighborhoods — just hit the market for over $6 million. Here's a look inside. https://t.co/OsekKyXWjx

Popeyes' chicken sandwich capitalized on a clear opportunity to overtake rival Chick-fil-A https://t.co/I2kszBxHtk

British budget airline easyJet plans to offset all its emissions from flying. It also will launch easyJet Holidays in Britain by Christmas and fly new routes next year, acquired after the collapse of Thomas Cook. More here https://t.co/yIN7bbisnt

Bill Gates is once again the richest person in the world. Here's how he spends his $110 billion fortune, from a luxury-car collection to incredible real estate

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