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    Port Crane Rail Foundation High-strength Epoxy Grout
    Product Introduction
    SINCHOLD Epoxy grouting material including A (resin), B (hardener), C (stuffing) three components, the product is made of high quality resin and refined packing, 100% solids, excluding volatile harmful material such as solvent. Room temperature after mixing fully each group of materials in three components can be used, without adding any other ingredients. Epoxy grouting material for long term under vibration, shock and chemical corrosion area of secondary grouting equipment installed to provide a permanent solution, has constantly proven to greatly lengthen the operation cycle of the equipment and parts service life.
    Product Parameter(Specification)

    Product Feature and Application
    1. Secondary grouting installation of various high vibration equipment, such as compressor, pump, punching machine, crusher, ball mill contour, etc.
    2. Equipment foundation area grouting where easy suffer from chemical erosion.
    3. Pressured area grouting such as track foundation, bridge supporting bracket.
    4. Concrete reinforcement of anchor bolts, steel plant and building structure.
    5. Used as self-leveling mortar on the surface of concrete, stone, steel, wood and other.
    6. The rigid connection of iron, iron tie bar and rod.
    Notes: above data tested under temperature of 25-30℃, the needed time reach to above criterion will be prolong if below this temperature.
    Production Details
    1. High strength, early strength: provide mechanical properties such as compressive strength and adhesion that much superior than cement based material, higher early strength.
    2.Low exothermic peak: operating time can reach to 120 minutes (25 ℃) , suitable for mass grouting.
    3. No shrinkage: ensure finished grouting layer completely contact with the bearing surface, ensure high precision of equipment installation.
    4. Excellent creep resistance: epoxy grouting material can be used for a long time without plastic deformation in bad physical condition of freeze-thaw alternation and vibration compression under temperature from – 50 ℃ to 80 ℃, to ensure accurate equipment positioning for a long time.
    5. Excellent toughness: epoxy grouting material can dissolve any dynamic load that may lead cement-based grouting layer burst that delivered by moving equipment.
    6. Corrosion resistance: able to bear long time contact corrosion of chemical substances such as acid, alkali, salt, grease, etc.

    Deliver,Shipping and Service
    Packaging Details:25kg/bag
    Delivery Detail: according to your requirements,accept L/C or T/T payment
    Component A: iron drum Component B: plastic drum Component C: plastic woven bag
    Net weight of each group: 117.5 kg, available grouting volume: 57.4 litres.(Small fluctuation allowed as temperature changes, for detail please check factory inspection report). Admixture standard color: red.

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