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    Controls push, lift and adjust to absolute rigid locking in both directions. Reliable locking is important when considerable forces affect moving structural components. The piston rod of the lockable gas spring can be adjusted at each desired position throughout the stroke by operating the release pin. Depending on the forces present in the application, we can install different load limits for your lockable gas springs in a reasonable way.
    Main feature
    External energy independence, integrated measures as well as damping, controllable movement. Combined with low friction and high reliability, our lockable springs are a high quality solution for many applications. As always, we ensure that you get the lockable gas spring of the required size and force in the shortest amount of time.
    Product advantages
    Locked in the extended or compressed position;
    Installation can be in a specific direction or in any direction, depending on the type;
    The mechanical drive system also has an ultra-small drive range and is easy to operate;
    Wide range of sizes, power variants and end fitting options;
    Compact design for installation in the smallest possible space;
    It is maintenance-free even under high load and has a long service life.High Quality Gas Spring