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    Rhenium has several unique properties as follows:
    High melting temperature Extreme resistance to chemical erosion Ability to maintain ductility after recrystallization High electrical resistivity over a wide temperature range Low vapor pressure Resistance to oxidation at very high temperature Good thermal shock resistance
    Material Description
    CISRI-AT&M Refractory Metal Materials is the earliest company in China which is engaged in the research and development of Rhenium and Rhenium Alloy. After nearly 60 years of development, it has formed a series of pure rhenium, tungsten-rhenium and molybdenum-rhenium products. These products are widely applied for heating body, thermocouples for temperature measurement, cathodes of electronic tubes, and high-temperature components.
    CISRI-AT&M Refractory Metal Materials can either provide you with the required semi-finished products, or offer you the customized products according to your actual needs.
    Areas of Application
    Because of its superior performance, rhenium and rhenium alloys can be applied in the parts used in high-temperature areas and temperature measurement applications, mainly including:
    Part of the semiconductor industry
    Electronics industry
    Industrial furnace
    Welding industry
    Product Specifications
    Different Options for You
    Pure Rhenium Products
    Molybdenum-Rhenium Alloy
    Tungsten-Rhenium Alloy
    Production Process
    Leading Process Leads to Leading-Edge Products
    Our company has diversified product lines for production and processing. We provide top products to our customers while carefully monitoring each production process, which ensures that we are able to provide the best quality products.
    Company Advantages
    Leading Technology, High Quality
    CISRI-AT&M is one of the earliest companies in China which is engaged in the research and development of tungsten-rhenium alloy. It has owned patents for tungsten-rhenium alloy wire, rhenium plates and other related products.buy Refractory Metal And Ceramics Products