3 ways you could be retirement-ready #paid @Impact_Partner https://t.co/KZ7epfIHK0

13 facial expressions good bosses can read https://t.co/yH1svlflmT

The First 90 Minutes of the Day Belong to You. What Are You Doing With It? - https://t.co/olbb59mi5p

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How this quiet sport may hold the key to Slovenia's tourism future https://t.co/1pa2cIvMf2

A portrait of a city through its historical criminals https://t.co/x7jTZPeJCs

This Single Mom Grew Her Gym From $30K to $1 Billion | Inc. https://t.co/HEd9ylgjk9

Goldman Sachs is getting a new leader and venturing into different businesses, but the bank’s compensation ratio, or the percentage of the bank’s revenue it spends on pay and benefits in the second quarter earnings may also send a signal about its future. https://t.co/QHzUfgHyYf

Trump didn't betray America. He wants to restore the old U.S.-Russia alliance https://t.co/yPdRwWlIXt

'I’ve been a little bit too careful and tentative when I’ve been in these big tournaments,' McIlroy said. 'This week, one of my main thoughts is just to let it go' https://t.co/0ep6r5arV0

Researchers predict that AI will keep the job market steady

Whoopi Goldberg and Jeanine Pirro had a shouting match. Don't let this happen in your workplace. @MindaZetlin https://t.co/RMRf8wijb1

Croatia scores own goal after World Cup success https://t.co/OLBib4SBdF

This spring, our @andrewrsorkin wrote a column suggesting someone should try to buy Remington and transform the company into a model for advanced and responsible gun manufacturing. A surprising investor made a bid to do just that. Here's the latest: https://t.co/At01jGLJPX

In order to break the gender pay gap, the CEO of this company spent $6 million

7 Rules About Small Business That Are Meant to Be Broken - https://t.co/GPBj5J5rAI

Can't decide what to see at the theatre this weekend? Here's our London guide to the shows not to be missed (and those best avoided) https://t.co/Wpfj0R4lEX

Burberry burned $32 million worth of products to protect its brand https://t.co/hYr2X9RRDe

Ahead of this month's elections, the military’s intelligence arm is carrying out a campaign of persuasion, intimidation and threats https://t.co/Yjmg5G7YDM

How Can You Be Positive Someone Has True Leadership Skills? Look for This 1 Rare Sign @MarcelSchwantes https://t.co/HbcyLQ0kFi

Companies dedicate a lot of thought to their logos — here's why a lot of them include red

How does she do it? From the French Ambassador to the UK to the CEO of Airbnb we asked 14 people their top tips for a perfect summer. Here's what the said: https://t.co/wi4m3c3e2g

If you are approaching the final curtain and still have dozens of things on your bucket list, it raises a question: What were you doing all that time? https://t.co/HkQW5vADxe

Apple releases 3rd iOS 12 beta to everyone. Here’s what’s new https://t.co/BHO4p93v32

12 new moons have been discovered orbiting Jupiter, bringing the grand total to 79

People are revealing the truth behind their happy-looking social media posts and it’s heartbreaking @entrylevelrebel https://t.co/ajcsbRfITH

The president turned his ire on the American central bank, as well as trading partners that are fighting back against his tariffs, in a series of Twitter posts. Here's what he said: https://t.co/PMl5GUu318

7 Rules About Small Business That Are Meant to Be Broken - https://t.co/ufn25ZGiH0

5 Important Traits To Become A Millionaire From A Wealthy Trader - https://t.co/eQoJKx4OoH

Signs of uncertainty in North Korea’s commitments have been growing since it said this month that its will to denuclearize had been shaken

In a flurry of early-morning Twitter posts, Mr. Trump complained that the Fed’s pattern of rate increases “hurts all that we have done” and that a “stronger and stronger” United States dollar was “taking away our big competitive edge.” https://t.co/ELKkIQIjGm

How Fortune’s 40 Under 40 gets stuff done https://t.co/qIOgIPdxrb

Tesla's struggles are a threat to the future of electric cars

How Toxic Is Your Workplace Exactly? Quite Toxic if These 8 Things Keep Happening Every Day @MarcelSchwantes https://t.co/rhBlSjcE1w

Want to limit how much time you spend worrying? Science says this hack works every time. https://t.co/YhcghiHu0J

Guyana, a largely underdeveloped country on South America’s northern Atlantic coast, is the unlikely setting for the world’s next big oil boom. But is it ready to handle the riches? Our @ckrausss has the latest: https://t.co/6zbiZdMJsL

Thanks Maya! RT @MayaDandashli: Can a Leader Over Communicate? https://t.co/8U6wNFyOMb via @LeadToday There is no excuse for not communicating with your people. Unless of course you’re simply too busy. If that’s the case and you’re too busy to connect with your people then .....

On Twitter, They Laugh At This Airline Passenger. They Don't Notice the Flight Attendant @ChrisMatyszczyk https://t.co/fZVg3MT8Vc

12 Thai boys and their soccer coach talked publicly for the first time about their ordeal of being trapped inside a cave

Where to invest when the bull market ends https://t.co/vs9Ca3kxHs

The S.&P. 500 has gained 4 percent this year, and is off 2.4 percent from its high, on Jan. 26. Why aren’t stocks higher? Rising trade tensions are perhaps the most obvious answer. https://t.co/oCrCYy1ns8

A former Israeli Prime Minister is a cofounder of a startup that just raised $12.5M to launch a hacking shop for government agencies

Fiat, Ferrari boards to meet on Marchionne succession: report https://t.co/CwJHuieP3n

A crew member comforts an African migrant after she was picked up from the Mediterranean by a Spanish rescue boat. See more of our photos of the week at: https://t.co/gwy7szRUtn

President Trump considered hiring her as his White House press secretary, and she revealed that she is dating the president’s son, Donald J. Trump Jr. On Friday, the longtime co-host of “The Five” on Fox News, was forced out of the network. https://t.co/4Bg1saO3N6

Study: if you understood how much people like being thanked you’d express more gratitude @entrylevelrebel https://t.co/XrXyvzfEQt

Here's how Orangetheory Fitness grew from $30,000 to a billion-dollar company. https://t.co/RjwfR5myh3

This is the first time that WhatsApp has put restrictions on forwarding on its platform in India and globally

These are the smartphones with the highest failure rates https://t.co/eIDJUcxpIr

Want to train yourself to succeed? Science says these 3 things matter most. https://t.co/4CXt0zI8uX

5 Ways To Determine If Freelancing Or Entrepreneurship Is The Right Life For You - https://t.co/mEN2786OVl

Before he became the most-beloved face on Shark Tank, Mark Cuban had some cash to throw around. But even before he made his first $1 billion, Cuban had to make his first $1 million. This is the book that helped him get there. https://t.co/17qPOQEQGf

Donald Trump's International Hotel in Washington DC spared no expense for its signature $169 cocktail — well, everything except the liquor. https://t.co/Xk4bIdXMVo

Now hiring: a designer to work on our marketing team https://t.co/EcBVETMAkF

James Gunn's firing was the second such dismissal in two days in Hollywood, which has been trying to demonstrate zero tolerance for offensive behavior in response to the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements. Our @brooksbarnesNYT has the details: https://t.co/3lecIeo08r

MGM sued Las Vegas shooting victims. Now people are calling for a boycott of the chain https://t.co/W1YeiTfUjb

'It was never really about sex; it was about controlling someone and asserting power'

Coca-Cola bottles have a yellow cap during passover — this is why

At a time when information on obscure objects can be found on the Internet and hobbyists can connect online, someone’s trash can become someone else’s treasure, writes @sullivanpaul https://t.co/4yU5HKxHVb

Do this simple exercise for a week and you'll be happier for months (or maybe years). https://t.co/KpLhJ0br40

.@Breakingviews @petesweeneypro interviews attendees of the #RISE2018 conference in Hong Kong on the latest developments in robotics, venture capital, and cryptocurrencies https://t.co/GSeCqCeaIh

Beijing alone has about 850,000 informants that patrol its streets https://t.co/nLtcNbDMoB

Amid concerns of gambling addiction, Japan’s new law legalizing casinos requires Japanese to pay to enter and limits entry to 10 times every 4 weeks

With the potential to generate nearly $20 billion in oil revenue annually by the end of the next decade, roughly equivalent to the revenue of the much-larger Colombia, there could be enough bounty to lift the lives of almost every Guyanese. https://t.co/sYuBuO6fU4

Uber’s latest partnership means that drivers can hawk you things while you’re riding https://t.co/8l7QjxiZ43

Creating an inclusive workplace for LGBTQ employees #paid @ADP https://t.co/njSWQSt2lD

22 books to help you get ahead in business and life https://t.co/6bmO6rSt0X

These 7 habits literally add years to your life, according to science https://t.co/ircv7rkfbp

What the future of the insurance industry looks like https://t.co/YsPnCUNTES

The young and the furless: one reason behind a shift away from animal products at fashion labels

So far, 87 percent of companies that have reported earnings have exceeded Wall Street’s estimates. Despite this performance, the stock market has been lackluster. https://t.co/E73OSYPqEM

Microsoft says Russia has already tried to hack 3 campaigns in the 2018 election https://t.co/CwnxDAGhvA

This 'trade war' is not scaring Wall Street as much as you'd think

Is your new acquaintance a toxic person? 9 warning signs you should not ignore. https://t.co/XkctFYGHKu

Thanks for sharing! RT @Strategez4u: Do This….When You Don’t Know What to Do https://t.co/P5IVxirl22 @LeadToday #smallbusiness #leadership #success

This map shows the differences in salary between the highest paid men and women

7 Rules of Money That Will Keep You From Going Broke - https://t.co/0T85UIv025

Here is an early look at the front page of The Wall Street Journal

“Trump clearly doesn’t accept that a strong dollar and a widening trade deficit is the natural result of his own fiscal expansion,” said a senior fellow for international economics at the Council on Foreign Relations. https://t.co/uBL9thNp1X

Here is the 2018 list of the Fortune Global 500: https://t.co/vwXF8HFNH4

The U.S. has over 6 million job openings. Why aren't they being filled? #paid @gradsoflife https://t.co/7AYcSgzW8b

Arianna Huffington Just Shared 5 Simple Habits That Separate Successful People From Everyone Else @MarcelSchwantes https://t.co/J6jYRY33Qk

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