Caterpillar protects profits using old cost cutting strategy to cope with Trump tariffs. @rajeshkumarsgh reports via @ReutersTV

.@SecretaryCarson: "A person is innocent until proven guilty...if you really understand the big picture of what's going, then what's going on with Judge Kavanaugh will make perfectly sense to you." #VVS18

Google is celebrating Mister Rogers with an animated doodle

What if we're thinking about #perseverance and #failure all wrong? Maybe it's time we took this new perspective, where we accept that perseverance doesn't always get us to our original goal and failure is interesting rather than bad. @Inc #NotAFailure

How to Increase Your Energy and Upgrade Your Life | by @benangel

As a manufacturing firm evolves, new jobs arise. A digital transformation associate explores “whether we are even looking at the right problems.”

Contemporary art star Njikeda Akunyili Crosby explores themes of memory, family and otherness. She took us through her process.

One of the world's most storied Champagne brands is about to be taken over by a new generation

Lex: It might be time to finally split up the auditing and consulting 'cartel'

People are complaining that Apple Store sales systems went down on new iPhone release day, and they can't get their new phones

We're kicking off #MSIgnite this Monday at 6:00AM PT/9:00AM ET with a keynote from CEO @SatyaNadella.

Join us:

People are complaining that Apple Store sales systems went down on iPhone XS release day, and they can't get their new phones

For young NFL players, the football field is one big financial minefield: 78% of players go bankrupt or experience severe financial stress within two years of retirement via @ReutersMoney

Online luxury-goods company Farfetch is the latest tech-facing firm to see strong gains in its first day of trading

In the face of the refugees crisis, the Trump administration has retreated dramatically

Congrats small biz owners, you’re way less stressful to work for than big companies @entrylevelrebel

A year after their introduction, e-scooters are cropping up all over LA

S&P 500, Dow hit new highs ahead of index reshuffle

America’s C-suites are getting whiter and more male

This is the number one reason why people don’t unplug from work while on vacation

It's time to invest in resolving customers' complaints quickly, easily and in the channels they prefer.

Discount brokers' low fees come with a catch that's now the subject of a class-action lawsuit against TD Ameritrade

Businesses are struggling to respond as the fallout from the opioid epidemic shows up in overdoses at construction sites, factories, and other workplaces.

An ounce of gold will buy you the least amount of beer at Oktoberfest since 2009

Reading Before Bed – A Self Care Guide for a Calmer, Healthier, More Successful You -

Nancy Pelosi is more popular than the president

Getting rid of the swimsuit competition was just the start of Miss America’s bid to reinvent itself

Nasdaq says Nordic trader whose deals went sour agrees to sell personal assets

Every great entrepreneur is wired the same way. They're aggressive, competitive, and they get people to follow them.

As a newly minted fighter pilot weeks after 9/11, Mark Greene was sent to Afghanistan. Now, he's director of an innovation lab creating new financial tools for struggling Americans. Here's his story, the latest in The Gambit series @Entrepreneur:

EU Commission sending Britain new warning over 2.7 billion-euro bill, source says

These are the top 10 challenges for employees in the workplace right now

A Neiman Marcus bondholder says the luxury retailer is in default on its debt after transferring an online business to its parent company

Intelligent security: How AI is revolutionizing identity verification, fraud detection and risk assessment #paid Microsoft AI

A group of #Microsoft researchers and data scientists are relying on #AI to uncover solutions that can help solve Mother Nature's most pressing problems #MicrosoftAI

Theresa May's Brexit plan was shut down and negotiations have been thrown into chaos. Here's how to make sense of it all — from the best of this week's opinion and analysis.

PayPal is cutting off Alex Jones and says it will no longer do business with InfoWars because it promotes 'hate and discriminatory intolerance'

Just published: front page of FT Weekend, international edition, Saturday 22 September

By invoking national security provisions to support its trade demands, the president has helped to create a crisis.

Battle of the Sneakerhead Startups

Saudi Arabia is running low on its most prized grade of crude, a development that could push oil prices higher

PayPal terminates its contract with Alex Jones conspiracy site Infowars

Blackstone looks to manage $1 trillion by 2026

Apple is taking on Kanye West in a retail battle today. Tech v fashion. Which will win?

Camp Humphreys is an $11 billion US military base that sits right next to the North Korean border

More companies are using tools that deploy artificial intelligence to weed out job applicants based on data like facial micro expressions, or what they share on social media. But is this practice fair?

See the painstaking process of hand-weaving $40,000 luxury rugs

Shares in luxury marketplace Farfetch soar 50% after IPO, minting a new billionaire

UK prime ministers – Theresa May is not the first – have a habit of believing EU leaders will be accommodating. They are often proved to be spectacularly wrong.

Investors shouldn’t be spooked by the turn of the season

Could Fox's Tucker Carlson talk his way to the top of cable news?

Meet Theresia Gouw, America's richest female venture capitalist: #SelfMadeWomen

JUST IN: PayPal says it has decided to end business relationship with Infowars and related websites, found instances that 'run counter to our core value of inclusion'

S&P 500, Dow hit new highs ahead of index reshuffle

The iPhone XS and XS Max are Apple's priciest phones ever, and they're now on sale for $999 and $1,099. @bxchen writes They are worth the money,.

None of the dates are used to determine when the product becomes unsafe to eat

Amazon Said It Wanted 'Hundreds' of People to Start Delivery Services. Now Things Have Changed @billmurphjr

Here are the original TV shows Apple plans to produce

Transforming the Sales Process From an Art Into a Science, Using Data Analytics

FINAL WEEK coming up, Who’s on Smallbizchat SEPTEMBER 2018? Follow #SmallBizChat and catch up w/ our past guests from this month.

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Why the new U.S. tax law could create underpayment headaches for retirees

The Aperol Spritz is not new. But millennials are suddenly in love with the fizzy drink

11 novels set in politics, finance, and tech that you'll want to bring on your next trip

You could call the hype around legalised pot the market version of Reefer Madness

FreshDirect is shipping out apologies to its customers for delivery problems

The long delay in a missile defense report is emblematic of the way Secretary of Defense James Mattis has impeded Trump security priorities

Apple hopes to boost sales in China with a unique iPhone XS. @catecadell reports via @ReutersTV

S&P 500, Dow hit new highs ahead of index reshuffle

American Airlines is rallying after saying it will raise bag fees

Obituary: Future Federal Reserve Board member Mark W. Olson overcame his stutter by signing up for debate and joining Toastmasters

Pitbull is the world's 8th highest-paid hip-hop star—earning $32M in the last year

S&P 500, Dow hit new highs ahead of index reshuffle

Who will get in front of the judges? A new episode of Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch airs on September 26.

Just published: front page of FT Weekend, UK edition, Saturday 22 September

This Simple Technique Will Make You a Much More Successful Negotiator @Ptipirneni @Quora

Hilary Duff Explains Why Taking a Break Can Be the Key to Your Career | by @danethadoe

David Boies, the superlawyer behind such cases as Bush v. Gore and the fight for gay marriage, makes no apologies for representing Harvey Weinstein and Theranos with zeal. Read our profile.

Your brand voice is the authentic experience you present (and promise) your audience.

Random RT Thanks @galbrecht201 @KaylaBurrows2 @zmahaye @17josharellano @SharonRomeo @ELIZABETHLIZA16 @Mnotho_Xulu @juliecache @RPMSaltLakeCity @JerzyGirl81 @NerissaaEmy @benloveinnocent

Adviser says U.S. close to Mexico-only NAFTA deal, Canada unmoved

Don't miss tonight's debate with GOP Texas Senator @tedcruz and his Democratic challenger @BetoORourke — LIVE on C-SPAN Radio, 7pm ET.

Listen as @TexasTribune political reporter @PatrickSvitek shares his thoughts on the Texas Senate race. #TXSen 📻

5 Steps of the New Model of Revenue Recognition for Franchisors

Brainstorm Health: Medtronic buys Mazor, Almirall-Allergan deal, alcohol deaths

Make sure you always do what you need to do to win the day.

If you exercise every single day and eat well, you'll eventually be able to run that marathon or have the stamina to walk 8 miles.

If you study consistently, then you can get to the test and receive an A.

S&P 500, Dow hit new highs ahead of index reshuffle

You can now shop directly from Instagram Stories

The current crop of electric car models do not seriously rival Tesla’s offerings — mainly because their ranges are not comparable. But things are about to change

River flooding caused the shutdown of a natural-gas plant near Wilmington, N.C., and some coal-ash waste entered waterways

These entrepreneurs built a hair and skincare empire around natural products for women of color—upending the beauty market along the way

"I explore the ways in which we can we take advantage of new technologies and tools, such as artificial intelligence; how we should experiment; and whether we are even looking at the right problems."

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