Remote work is working for us.

Ship operators and insurers say mislabeled or poorly packaged dangerous cargo could be to blame for a spate of vessel fires

This artist expresses his morphing vision through these mesmerizing gifs

RT @ptarkkonen: Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. - Dr.Seuss #quote

8 Challenges That Come From Being Married to an Entrepreneur -

4 Ways to Squeeze the Most Out of Every Minute of Your Day -

Artificial intelligence: Separating the hype from reality

Downbeat data leave investors grappling with the possibility the global economy’s momentum is worsening rapidly

Sundar Pichai uses brain-friendly slides to create simple, engaging presentations.

These stunning images from space show a dried-up 'tree-like' river system on Mars

BA staff warn German call centre open to customer fraud

Turkey launches probes into JPMorgan after lira’s fall

The 'Apple of housewares' tests its products to the extreme. Here's how

H1B visa holders facing loss of spousal employment authorizations are exploring other options

It makes all the difference.

You want your employees to use it, don't you?

Who better to celebrate spring than Skye Gyngell of Spring, London? She shares two recipes using organic and seasonal ingredients that you'll want to whip up straightaway

Just because Kobe Bryant and Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of college doesn't mean you should

Indra Nooyi, the former C.E.O. of PepsiCo, on her Brahmin upbringing, the challenges women face in corporate America and why she's not going to tell anyone what to eat or drink

RT @mikehenrysr: Check out this post: Moving Toward Jesus

Democrats face their voters’ impeachment fever as Mueller probe ends

The world’s first-ever drug for postpartum depression will cost $34,000

Harvard University is being sued over the use of a slave photo

This tech executive left a steady job at Facebook and switched careers, raising more than $5 million for a gaming startup @biprime

What the 737 crashes show us about the dangerous intersection of new tech, old equipment

One of the primary reasons consumers are cutting the cord and flocking to video streaming is access to shows and movies they can't get anywhere else

Authentic leaders change the circumstances before the circumstances force them to change.

HP's blockbuster $5.1 billion legal battle against Autonomy's former CEO Mike Lynch is about to kick off

Whether you're 8 or 80, these edible helium balloons will make you feel like a kid

US companies are going public later and later and it's having a major impact on investing

"It's just weird to me that someone would make this movie. My industry is so niche." High-frequency traders are curious about their first feature film.

Real estate developers are now designing with Instagram in mind

It can increase your worth by 50 percent.

Brexit trade deals will be worse than current EU deals, says Liam Fox's former trade chief

One of the best ways to stay focused is to remove your ego from the equation.

As regulators, insurance providers, and billing companies begin using A.I. in their software systems, businesses can learn to game the underlying algorithms

Stocks just traded like they do right before recessions begin — and one of Wall Street's biggest bulls warns a 'big test' of the worst-case scenario could fail

Hank Robinson is the owner and operator of Hanro Studios, which focuses on creating one-of-a-kind engravings for its clients

How the rise of artificial intelligence means the next great novel could be written by a machine

Kale might not be as healthy as you think

Boeing is planning fixes that would make its 737 MAX stall-prevention system less aggressive and easier for pilots to control

This chart shows how Saudi Arabia is on course to behead more people than ever before in 2019

Here's how your nonprofit can benefit from using Twitter, even with a very limited time investment:

Richard Branson calls for new Brexit vote

Boeing's CEO says safety is the airline's highest priority. But its pricing says something different. @MindaZetlin

Amazon said it won't reopen its search for another HQ2 location at this time

How To Get Your Message To The World Noticed In A Crowd Of People -

50 Inspirational Myles Munroe Quotes to Fire You Up -

America's biggest tobacco company is investing billions in the thing that could kill it: vaping

Warren Buffett’s 10 best pieces of advice ever

Here are the four main questions incident response (IR) teams need to ask and answer before that ticking clock winds down #paid @ExtraHop

Deutsche staff banned from selling shares during merger

Google found top-performing managers have 8 positive qualities. Toxic bosses have the exact opposite.

Theresa May could quit next week as ministers plot an emergency replacement

It's an extra 12.1 years for men and 14 years for women.

'La Rosière may not have Courchevel’s 12 Michelin stars, but it does have one gastronomic USP none of the other Tarentaise resorts can match — the chance to have lunch in Italy'

Why are bond yields tumbling around the world?

As England leads its neighbours out of the EU, old battles over a shared British history are being fought all over again. Could Brexit break the Union?

The reason for the paper mill revival has to do with the millions of packages that Amazon and other online retailers ship: E-commerce has fueled demand for billions more square feet of cardboard.

An entrepreneur bets on the return of the instant soup cup

Spread the news: caviar prices are falling thanks to roe-bust Chinese production

This is China's playbook to pit EU countries against each other

Pit crew members do maybe 30 seconds of work throughout a race but that time can be extremely intense

40 Action-Provoking Quotes From Some of the World’s Most Talented Millennials -

China banned 23 million people from traveling last year for poor ‘social credit’ scores

Thais cast their ballots in closely watched poll

Just like beef, there are different parts of bluefin tuna that are more desirable (and more expensive) than others

Clients always seem to want more than what you bargained for, so bill them

You can't make this up: men are wearing cosmetics to ace job interviews

Here’s how to protect your data privacy when you sell or recycle smartphones and computers

HP's blockbuster $5.1 billion legal battle against Autonomy's former CEO Mike Lynch is about to kick off

Here's how the head chef of one of the best restaurants in the world prepares for the day

💪How billionaires think, predict, don't react - learn it here :

Cured by a Spanish-American community in West Virginia for generations, Morcilla is the magic ingredient in these rich, smoky, produce-packed soups

Gates and Jeff Bezos are in the ultra-exclusive centibillionaire club, but they might not stay there for long.

Thanks for sharing! RT @coachjimbaker: You Only Might be Wrong via @LeadToday @2bgr8today

Claer Barrett: Ocado will soon stop stocking Waitrose products in favour of M&S food. Britain's middle classes are outraged

The Baltimore Orioles just finished one of the worst season in baseball history. After cleaning house, here is now they plan to try to turn things around.

This letterpress printer makes posters, wedding invitations and other paper goods with hand-set type and centuries-old techniques

Porsche to build all-electric crossover in 2020

7 free tools that can transform your marketing content:

Belly tanks from WWII are being turned into hot rods

Watch more from Cars Insider on Snapchat Discover:

A gambling crackdown in China was bad news for some players but good business for the Philippines—though President Duterte wants to curb the sector

Read these books instead of getting an MBA

💪How billionaires think, predict, don't react - learn it here :

A.I. could be a boon to medicine. But neural networks can also be duped into being misleading, researchers have shown.

The idea of raising the federal gasoline tax is alive because of a widespread belief that the nation’s infrastructure is worn out and out-of-date, writes @GeraldFSeib

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