I'm a CEO, and this is what I really do all day https://t.co/DigSCe42rC

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So proud of my daughter-girls from my Academy in South Africa. Thank you @People for sharing their journeys.

Carlos Ghosn is ready to voluntarily step down as chief executive and chairman of Renault after hopes for his release from a Tokyo prison were dashed by the repeated rejection of his bail request, according to people familiar with the talks https://t.co/vvokkZrrY6

These companies are giving away free food and services to federal employees affected by the government shutdown https://t.co/Fyd9ktOXC8

James Dyson has supported Brexit, saying the UK would be better off outside the EU. But his company thinks it would be better off outside the UK and is moving its HQ. https://t.co/LgDQv5MffH

The investigation is the first opened by the newly Democratic-controlled House Oversight Committee, which is expected to probe the first two years of the Trump administration https://t.co/SJalThjoDu

Oracle could lose $100 million annually in federal contracts over pay discrimination suit https://t.co/Jq7AFJxJHs

Electronic music superstar Deadmau5 makes his film scoring debut this Friday with the release of the Netflix movie "Polar" https://t.co/v3Du5CwKLK

15 minutes a day is all it takes to be more fit, according to science https://t.co/9fyySBzj8K

The @FT has come out for a second #Brexit referendum if MPs cannot agree on a deal. Read our #FTView here https://t.co/Yh5QPO2Ivr

Hulu is dropping its cheapest plan $6 to a month, right after Netflix raises its prices https://t.co/V7g3Gwb601

UK pay growth hits fresh 10-year high as employment soars despite #Brexit uncertainty https://t.co/cKHtC0ppEP

RT @DonCooper: What Makes Your Customers Walk Away and Not Return? https://t.co/Vu6eioIr2P via @marykellyspeaks

Metro Bank shares crash as risky mortgage bets raise cash call fears https://t.co/l3T711UFS1

Is your #PatisserieValerie branch closing? Here's a full list in my piece for @BBCBusiness 🍰: https://t.co/OsmfJXc0yV

Discontent has deepened across Venezuela’s socioeconomic classes as hyperinflation has rendered wages worthless. Citizens of what was once one of the region’s wealthiest nations have starved to death and died from preventable ailments. https://t.co/FMoSMG6Kud

Public speaking is no longer a "soft skill." The hard data proves it. https://t.co/rhLOtpLlN9

4 Ecommerce Trends to Watch Carefully for in 2019 | by @ThomasSmale https://t.co/ErWQl2q0km

Be willing to exchange experiences, and surround yourself with bright people who can advise you in critical situations. I have four to five people I call when I need moral support. https://t.co/iDWG4VpeYM #selfcare #businessdevelopment #businessgrowth

Neuroscience says 50-year-olds can have the brains of 25-year-olds if they do this https://t.co/eBWM0FVGix

There are no NTSB investigators to look into plane crashes and highway accidents because they've been sent home during the government shutdown https://t.co/Fy712CZLCa

For a roughly $610,000 home loan, a mortgage company let a nursing student and part-time caregiver verify her earnings with 12 months of bank statements and letters from clients https://t.co/WTccsFswF4

Racism at GM—from insults to nooses—spurs warnings and firings https://t.co/xSiiMi9TyS

Why prevention is the next frontier of genetic testing https://t.co/1Vp0IzDqmd #paid @HarvardPilgrim

Join a #ReutersDavos panel on the technology changing healthcare at #wef19. Sponsored by @Cognizant https://t.co/Do3NwR3h6d

Israel has been called the 'next Silicon Valley' thanks to a high-tech revolution https://t.co/lWEmSP1KOL

A new study has found that the top earning 1% of French households will see their disposable incomes rise 2.3% as a result of Emmanuel Macron’s tax changes. The poorest 10th of households are likely to lose out. https://t.co/65VcKVFjKx

Thanks for sharing! RT @ThinDifference: You Gotta Make The Call – Part One by @LeadToday https://t.co/fFdcp4gdto

60 years ago, Walt Disney taught a major lesson in emotional intelligence. Here it is in 1 sentence. https://t.co/vsPNYCUgMI

Businesses are innovating the food-shopping experience to make it easier and more efficient https://t.co/eLCffEI9Ti

Fall asleep in 2 minutes flat anywhere with this trick from the U.S. army https://t.co/57VewmDg6r

Ugg boots are mounting a comeback as ugly fashion continues to dominate https://t.co/OT3tUOuQMl

Is your Patisserie Valerie branch closing https://t.co/1MlmKw2jXV

Bank of Canada head: economy in good shape, low oil to take toll https://t.co/Qb7kA1NTBW

Atlanta Mayor @keishabottoms on #GovernmentShutdown's impact on #SuperBowl: "We are extremely concerned."


A judge told Alec Baldwin to return to court in March with proof that he had taken an anger-management class. His case will then be sealed. https://t.co/Xe6OmkUwWA

French unemployment has fallen from 9.7% to 9.1% — or by 2.6m people — under Emmanuel Macron. But it remains much higher than in neighbouring Germany and the UK. https://t.co/gAqmF901OP

Transgender Americans are twice as likely to have served in the military

A meteorite hit the "Super Wolf Blood Moon" https://t.co/Ilk0XY8YTs

'Red Dead Redemption 2' beat out 'Call of Duty' to become 2018's best-seller — these were the 20 best-selling games games of the year https://t.co/YFizgrWdkt

How this candy company has expanded to become a powerhouse in the pet space https://t.co/tlth6sFksF

Warren Buffett Says It's Communication Skills That Separate Successful People From Everyone Else https://t.co/8zjtfywevV

Time to Shine: Brand Yourself as a Thought Leader in Your Industry https://t.co/5DOPVqHhqS

77,000 young Wall Streeters took the grueling CFA exam this year — more than half of them failed https://t.co/qjVnGlKzTE

Jeff Bezos has invested hundreds of millions in these 6 startups you've never heard of--but will soon. https://t.co/T8tF9Y7wpY

Hulu to raise the price of its live TV service, lower cost of basic streaming package in a bid to bolster subscriber numbers https://t.co/8uIYGRTkJT

.@RepJeffries: "Unless the government is reopened, it's highly unlikely that the State of the Union is going to take place on floor of the United State House of Representatives."

.@GOPLeader: "I think the speaker asking not to have the State of the Union is just playing politics."

What a Record-Breaking 'Egg' and Its Title of Most-Liked Instagram Post Ever Can Teach Us https://t.co/Oef8Ibdabv

U.S. Senate – LIVE on C-SPAN2 https://t.co/zpZemBKuSs

There are only going to be 450 Bugatti Veyrons — this is how they are made

The House Financial Services Committee appears poised for a radical change—leaving Wall Street with fading hopes https://t.co/rPm9tLgTPa

How to prep your company for a remote workplace https://t.co/B6alVnSJvm

BOJ maintains massive stimulus as Kuroda warns of growing risks https://t.co/A8hKHo0g0P

Meg Whitman and Jeffrey Katzenberg try to reinvent web video https://t.co/qeNTcl1EDD

Just when you thought German music couldn't get any weirder, the artists are throwing in souvenirs like their own DNA in CD promotions https://t.co/yg0R2rxjGs

Davos 2019: Chinese vice-president Wang Qishan said China's economy would continue to grow. He indicated that the administration would pull out all the stops to maintain the years of growth since the nation opened up its economy in the 1980s. https://t.co/LH2ioINs7A

Thinking about abstaining from social media? Just because you’re not on Facebook or Twitter doesn’t mean your data is safe from the social media giants or their prying algorithms https://t.co/nmW9n1pdeL

It's as easy as setting aside a dollar here and there https://t.co/EoBKhz1Wvv

Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana joins the race for the 2020 Democratic nomination as the only openly gay candidate, and one of two candidates who served in the military. Here's all the announced 2020 candidates. https://t.co/DH9TCH1Uro

'Black Panther' made history with its best picture Oscar nomination, but it doesn't mean the Academy has fully embraced the superhero genre https://t.co/3b5i2eyT5t

Double down new skills in 2019. Your salary will thank you. https://t.co/nVxrgqfSOu

Meet the teenage entrepreneur making a fortune selling rare sneakers to celebrities

Optimism in UK factories sours as Brexit, global economy take toll: CBI https://t.co/jaNq8fS3Y4

Far away from Washington, federal employees in Utah have a message for Congress: Come together and end the shutdown https://t.co/Dkycz2h4nW

Retailers are using cameras to help keep their shelves stocked. Here’s how https://t.co/WUvIfCsXIn

The Nasdaq stock exchange is making its biggest investment yet in enterprise blockchain, by leading a $20 million round for Symbiont https://t.co/eBfBAgDdAt

Billy McFarland pleaded guilty to wire-fraud charges in relation to #FyreFestival and was sentenced to six years in prison last October. Here's everything you need to know about him. https://t.co/coN3uFms3q

The absence of an international rival has been a disaster for domestic US politics — Janan Ganesh https://t.co/efGxXRVIAu

The Dutch have a word for how to be direct the right way. It's time to internalize it. https://t.co/rq2UuM1jfT

The rich are getting richer, and younger https://t.co/vbYhvAHT09

Lost Your Mojo? Focus on These 3 Areas to Get Back in the Game - https://t.co/mBlqIZGwpN

Get the new edition of #StartYourOwnBusiness by @entrepreneur and make the leap this year to #beyourownboss. #EntrepreneurBooks Buy #SYOB at https://t.co/4tC9unzgda

Are you close to burnout? According to research, the answer is in this body part. https://t.co/GKpFy5Nmpg

This superyacht goes through a complex process before being ready for the high seas

While she remains head of government, Angela Merkel is already taking a back seat in politics https://t.co/D4XWq5UXQL

Being an authority means...you spend less time on front-end selling (because your authority is working for you) and more time closing business.

Airbus CEO reveals why he's not worried about a recession hurting the company's business https://t.co/XC8M0ZpRSY

Trump reportedly considers benching Giuliani from doing TV interviews after his dizzying array of misstatements https://t.co/FztYR9uQ9S

Here's everything we know about Billy McFarland, the 27-year-old who created the disastrous Fyre Festival and who's now serving a 6-year prison sentence https://t.co/LZChHO9myB

Believing in Your Mission During Hard Times Can Make or Break Your Company | by @marsdd https://t.co/jBr7klgK1g

Rise And Grind 🙌🏾

I launched my fourth book, #RiseAndGrind on this day last year and can’t believe how much support I’ve gotten since.
The book's success couldn’t have been possible without all of you. Thank you! 🙏🏾

5 things to consider when launching an influencer campaign @megy https://t.co/PyJPhHvGRz

Brazil's Petrobras receives unfavourable tax ruling https://t.co/qOeJn0b7AH

The pressure on YouTube professionals to deliver nonstop hits is weighing on their mental health, reports @linzasaur https://t.co/aJ7JUnMJZL

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