Marijuana growers are leaving the Netherlands for North America

The world's most successful people start their day at 4 a.m.

Google has started to charge U.S. law enforcement $45 to respond to a subpoena, $60 for a wiretap and $245 for a search warrant.

Daily Harvest released a new study on the eating habits of Americans—read what they found:

Green Canyon Original Art abstract oil painting

The U.S. State Department said a flight to evacuate consulate personnel and a "limited" number of private U.S. citizens is expected to leave virus-hit Wuhan on Jan. 28 and proceed to San Francisco

“Every day, our police officers are briefed about suspects they should look out for,” a Metropolitan Police official said. Live facial recognition “improves the effectiveness of this tactic.”

Microsoft joined the corporate race to dramatically reduce its carbon footprint in the coming years

I was feeling less than 💯 today. Bad Cold. I prayed. Meditated. Took every combination of lemon, ginger, honey, turmeric garlic, oregano oil known to womankind and then realized if @therock could still make it after burying his father this week, I was gonna be more than fine.

Boeing’s new 777x jetliner, the world’s largest twin-engined plane, took off for its first flight. The jetliner’s features include folding wingtips and the world’s largest commercial engines. More here:

Magical things happen when you start paying attention.

“Americans' confidence in the U.S. economy is higher than at any point in about two decades.”

As I said on this morning‘s @foxandfriends, Democrats already admitted this is all about the next election, but the power belongs to the people.

They deserve the opportunity to make this decision themselves on Election Day. #ImpeachmentTrial @realDonaldTrump

The Democrats real motivation is clear: they want to stop what we've accomplished with @realDonaldTrump and distract everyone with impeachment. Watch my interview with @ArthelNeville ⬇️

Forget IPOs. The FPO is where it's at

In front of a packed @AZGOP state convention, @RepDLesko confirmed what Americans are already thinking: the Democrats’ impeachment witch hunt is a total SHAM, a corrupt power grab, and 100 percent #BullSchiff

6 Tips on How to Work with High-Profile Clients

One day into President @realDonaldTrump’s legal team’s opening arguments and they’re already dismantling the House Democrats’ case.

As the President’s legal team began to lay out today, House Democrats simply don’t have the case to support this impeachment.

The formula that generates the all-important FICO score is being tweaked

The U.N.'s principal court says Myanmar must prevent killings and other forms of harm against the 600,000 Rohingya still in its territory and ensure evidence relating to the alleged crimes isn’t destroyed

The One-Hour Investment With A 100-Hour Payoff -

iShares has identified 5 megatrends that are reshaping our world; see how, with megatrend ETFs, you can invest in the future today #paid @iShares

ICYMI: IKEA Group CEO Jesper Brodin says the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference #COP26 in Glasgow will see a bigger role from the tech industry, fintech and financial companies. Follow the latest coverage on #ReutersDavos #wef20

Golden Lake Moments abstract acrylic landscape

Clayton Christensen of 'The Innovator's Dilemma' fame was about much more than just business success @LeighEBuchanan

Australia's fires are showing the world how bad things may get

Developing empathy and compassion should be a daily habit.

This ski resort in Austria wins the best ski resort in the world title almost every year

How did we even live before we ordered our razors, mattresses, bras, electric toothbrushes, vitamins, tampons, luggage, sneakers, makeup, hair color and pet food over the internet? A new book delves into the direct-to-consumer brand revolution.

14 in-demand skills you can learn entirely online @larrykim

That economics has a problem with race isn’t even in doubt. The question is what to do about it

For nearly 150 years, 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit has been the accepted standard temperature. But at least two dozen modern studies have concluded the number is too high as the human body has changed.

How ‘Two Popes’ producer Dan Lin is improving diversity in Hollywood

ICYMI: ‘AI is no different from climate. You can't get safety by just having one country or a set of countries working on it. You need a global framework to arrive at a safer world,’ says Google and Alphabet CEO @sundarpichai at #wef20 #reutersdavos

I have tried to know absolutely nothing.

A federal agency bans the sale of sheep lungs, a key ingredient for haggis, a savory pudding of boiled sheep innards wrapped in a sheep’s stomach. Lovers of the Scottish dish have found ways around that.

Poem called Focus on your goals.

A simple analogy to explain the difference between marketing, advertising, and branding

Jeff Bezos added more money to his fortune than anyone else in America since Trump took office

‘When I had children, I started to miss organised religion – the rules, the identity, the community’ — Orla Ryan on parenting as a lapsed Catholic

In entrepreneurship, overcoming your fears is essential.

No time to read? Why your excuse is all wrong

Inflating tires for construction equiptment can be seriously dangerous

A powerful facial recognition app made by Clearview AI is now off limits to New Jersey police officers, the state's attorney general said on Friday

How far does a $50,000 salary go in Salt Lake City? One recent grad shares her story.

Making green energy more trusted—with the same tech that keeps cryptocurrency safe

A better customer experience in the feedback economy #paid @BiznessReporter

How to learn anything faster, according to Albert Einstein

From a romantic getaway in Bermuda to a minimalist gem in St. Barts, here's a list of properties that capture the spirit of the Caribbean:

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin was optimistic the United States and Britain would strike a trade deal this year and had discussed the same with Britain’s finance minister. More here:

The French newspaper Le Monde called it "the robbery of the century." An academic declared it "the biggest tax theft in the history of Europe." In all, the accused made off with a staggering $60 billion.

All of your questions on filing taxes in 2020, answered

Families, newlyweds and students at universities in Canada, Britain and Iran were among the 176 people who perished as a result of a mistake by Iran’s military

Here's how the Democratic presidential candidates would address long-term care:

"If the decisions about where you invest your blood, sweat and tears are not consistent with the person you aspire to be," wrote Christensen, "you'll never become that person."

4 Traits Successful Entrepreneurs Have in Common That Sets Them Apart From Everyone Else -

RT @BruceVH: If you work really hard and you're kind, amazing things will happen! - Conan O'Brien

The 5 eye-opening books that the billionaires don't want you to read.

The Duchy of Cornwall is attracting residents who have bought into Prince Charles’s housing philosophy

Yellow and Blue Sky over Dark Hills

Hiding from your responsibilities today will not make them go away tomorrow.

FIFA Women’s World Cup and World Series Game 7 helped Fox Sports deliver massive digital audience in 2019

Even stressed-out tech CEOs need a shoulder to lean on

Don't quit your job if your boss shows these 5 rare leadership traits every day

30 Famous Quotes That Will Inspire Success In You -

As trade tensions ease, expectations for economic growth are rising.

From @WSJopinion: The greatest threats to liberal democracy are internal—illiberalism, ethnic nationalism and loss of confidence, writes @BillGalston

Why this 20-year-old apprentice at Bosch chose to work first and get her degree later

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