The Department of Justice is reportedly preparing to open a broad probe into whether Amazon, Facebook, and other big tech companies illegally harm competition

Jeffrey Epstein wove a tangled web of high society types, corporate bigwigs, and academic elites. A clear picture is challenging, but here’s a partial accounting

How sleeping nine hours a night helped me become a successful entrepreneur @dbrown

The Justice Department is opening a broad antitrust review of big tech companies, officials say, adding a new Washington threat for companies like Facebook and Google

Believe it or not, Snap has exceeded revenue estimates and boosted user numbers to record highs — a sign of a dramatic recovery after a rocky 2018.

Just a Twitter tip...when you say “all” my tweets are “racist in nature” you diminish the significance of the word racist, get yourself blocked!

Beijing Auto buys a 5 percent stake in Daimler, deepening the German automaker’s ties to a vast but troubled car market

Snap's stock jumps almost 12% after beating Wall Street's expectations for Q2 2019

Scientists have proposed spraying trillions of tons of frozen, desalinized seawater onto Antarctica

The Snakebot can climb, roll, and swim to the rescue. Meet the AI that is helping rescue teams after natural disasters. #artificialintelligence

Recognition goes a long way in terms of validation and connectivity

10 things I realized after I quit my job without a plan

College costs are holding steady according to latest @SallieMae report, but families need to brush up on student loan literacy @Roger_A_Young @charliejavice @with_frank @CollegeInvestin @MarthaHoller

While tech companies are trying to upend homebuying, Amazon's latest news connects buyers with human real estate agents by phone. (A lead generation model that Costco started like two decades ago!) W @ConorDougherty

The incoming U.K. prime minister is pushing for Brexit; his father and siblings have other ideas.

What can we expect from Boris Johnson? Scandals, screw-ups, quips, and comebacks

John Tamny on why it's particularly critical for younger segments of the population to be able to afford the tools and experiences necessary for future employment and subsequent economic growth.

WATCH: White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow says budget agreement reached by lawmakers 'isn't everything we hoped for' but 'is a pretty good deal under the circumstances'

Inside France's Élysée Palace, the French presidential residence that's larger than the White House and the Palace of Versailles

"The era of testing and storyboarding is over," when it comes to drone deliveries, the head of advanced technology at UPS says.

Here's what you need to know about UPS' new drone company that's already edging out Amazon and FedEx

Elite athletes are earning more than ever

Will crypto rogues threaten the geopolitical order?

Snapchat's parent reported its strongest user growth as a public company and accelerating revenue

What a day behind the scenes of “Jeopardy!” Is like

See here what it's like on the iconic game show:

A man died after competing in a major video game tournament in New York City

These European companies are posting must-see revenue growth.

Amazon's latest enticement to get you to spend more money on Amazon and install its smart-home products: up to $5,000 in free stuff

ICE arrested only 35 migrants in Trump-announced immigration sweep targeting thousands of people

‘He told us he would shock the world’: Zion Williamson signs shoe deal with Nike for Jordan brand

The Most Dangerous Self-Confidence Myth and How to Avoid It -

US stocks climb toward record highs on signs of trade progress, earnings optimism

Thanks Wally! RT @wallybock: Fm @leadtoday How Humble are You?

Everyone has their own demons.

Master QuickBooks and Get a Better Handle of Your Finances

Deutsche Bank played a key role in the finances of Jeffrey Epstein, whose accounts there held tens of millions of dollars, people familiar with the matter say

A new book from the Vanity Fair photo editor allegedly scammed by Anna Delvey solves a lingering mystery from the case: How, exactly, was she captured?

Starbucks is rolling out delivery across America with Uber Eats

LSU football unveiled its state-of-the-art $28 million locker room, complete with luxury sleep pods

UPS just formed its own drone operation company — and it's another edge against Amazon, FedEx, and Uber in the quest for unmanned deliveries

Trump is suing a House committee and New York state to keep his state tax returns under wraps

Trump claimed Article 2 of the Constitution gives him the right to do 'whatever I want as president,' but that’s not true

A NASA intern who paid $217.77 for the original videotapes of the Apollo 11 moonwalk sold them for $1.8 million

Rents higher than New York, London or San Francisco for apartments half the size. Nearly 1 in 5 people living in poverty. A minimum wage of $4.82 an hour. Hong Kong may be the world’s most unequal place to live

This week kicks off @MSFTGarage 6th annual hackathon where our #priceless team will work to turn ideas into reality. Good luck!

In which I continue my tradition of furiously slacking @businessinsider’s transportation desk whenever I encounter travel difficulties. ✈️

High-yield savings: Startup betterment promotes industry-besting 2.69%

Opinion: Investors are pumping unprecedented value into supposedly innovative — but loss-generating — business models. But is this really the right way forward? Innovation is way more than just amassing customers.

A Trump administration proposal would disqualify millions of people with low incomes from food stamps

Jeanne Grey, founder of the blog @Thegreylayers, discusses how she wants her content "to feel relatable in a sea of online media that's often not" #paid @colehaan

How the Murdoch children are likely to spend their Disney haul

My boyfriend and I spend just $24,000 a year by living in a van — here are all the things we save money on

Make this the year you #StartYourOwnBusiness with the only #startup book you'll ever need by @entrepreneur #EntrepreneurBooks #Entrepreneur #StartupLife #BusinessPlan

AT&T has quietly bolstered its ad tech to compete with Google. Here's the pitch deck it's showing to agencies to explain how it works.

Sometimes sharing what you DON'T believe can cement your bond with your tribe.

NEW: 5 staffers were actually laid off as part of Bustle’s acquisition of Inverse, contrary to the original Digiday report.

Equity firm angles to block buyout of Hudson’s Bay

Tune in to #STSOOI on @FacebookWatch to see if exposure therapy can truly help someone overcome their fears:

From @WSJopinion: Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar are in the Democratic Party’s driver’s seat. Prepare for a bumpy ride, writes @wjmcgurn

Trump’s newest shelter for migrant youth is being shut down less than a month after its opening by @DenizCam

In the U.S., Adidas has built much of its name — and sales — through its association with black superstars. But black employees at the company’s North American headquarters describe a workplace culture that contradicts the brand’s image.

One of the rarest shoes in the world just sold for $437,500 at auction in the wake of a Canadian investor buying 99 sneakers for $850,000

Work faster, get paid & enjoy the perks of freelancing

OxyContin was reformulated to reduce abuse, but Purdue Pharma won’t share data of the results

The FT's Chris Giles explains why Brexit holds the key to the new prime minister's tax and spending plans.

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"It’s definitely unfair": Tests show Apple mobile apps often show up first in App Store searches and skirt some of its own rules for such rankings.

After finding love on national television, JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers are returning to the big screen to star in their own home renovation show

Amazon is reportedly planning to open its biggest Go store yet — and it will need to contend with the two biggest hurdles facing autonomous checkout:

7 overrated business tips you shouldn't follow @YEC

Learn how to find the frequency of your brand and utilize the "Stage Theory" in this @EntMagInsider fireside chat with @davidmeltzer. Register here:

Trump’s effort to pack the Fed could pose a more elemental threat to the institution

FTC reportedly blasts Facebook for misleading users but didn't depose Zuckerberg in record-breaking $5 billion settlement

Due to government regulations, NASA couldn’t provide its Apollo astronauts with life insurance

The Forward chooses a new editor in chief to take it deeper into its digital future: Jodi Rudoren, a veteran New York Times journalist who served as the paper's Jerusalem bureau chief.

BREAKING: As Deutsche Bank officials scrambled to end ties with Jeffrey Epstein, they uncovered suspicious transactions in which Mr. Epstein had moved money out of the U.S., report @davidenrich and @Jo_Becker @nytimesbusiness

The most successful people know that multi-tasking is a huge waste of time.

What's brewing in Milwaukee, you say? Much more than beer these days.

10 rights groups are calling for reform of the way victims of crime in the UK—especially victims of sexual assault—are forced to hand over all their phone data

House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff (D-CA) talked about the ongoing negotiations with former Special Counsel Mueller's team to have an aide present during tomorrow's hearing.

Car loans can stretch over six or seven years now — you don't want that

Here's exactly what it takes to get accepted into Harvard Business School, according to 5 grads and the managing director of admissions

Inside the F.T.C.’s Facebook investigation, a deal on the federal budget, Jeffrey Epstein’s deep ties to Barclays’ C.E.O., and more in today's DealBook Briefing

Here are the top wearable tech companies and startups to watch as healthcare continues to digitize

Thinking about an MLM #business venture? Before you invest, make sure you answer these questions. #startup

Can’t decide between a Retweet and a Retweet with comment? Now you don’t have to. Do both!

2020 election update: Warren’s student loan relief plan; Biden’s crime plan

Opinion: Despite Donald Trump's Twitter threats, there is not a single incentive left in all of western policy to get anyone in Iran to pay attention. And without some form of mediation, a miscalculation that triggers war is starting to look inevitable.

Apple is reportedly asking the Trump administration not to impose tariffs on parts for the new Mac Pro

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