Ranting doesn't fix things. And other ranting rules to live by from @behaviorgap. https://t.co/GU8FsHFai4

We talked to four former NFL cheerleaders about the recent headlines alleging discrimination, harassment, and lack of proper compensation

“That’s got to be a part of your growth strategy: Knowing how to market to diverse communities.” Camille Hackney at #ForbesIDEA
Presented by @trueX

6 things Meghan Markle had to sacrifice to become a princess. https://t.co/npYljCmIzp

EU doubts if offer can prevent Trump tariffs or steel caps https://t.co/VjJD44zPpf

Gold gains as dollar rally comes off the boil https://t.co/jNoMq6ckjp

Can T-Mobile and Sprint finally make it work? https://t.co/tBPb3OHwPl

America's 20 Largest Public Companies of 2018:
1. Berkshire Hathaway and Apple
3. JPMorgan Chase
4. ExxonMobil


Use @flutterio to create high-quality, interactive iOS and Android apps in this new course from Google & Udacity.

You'll learn app-building step-by-step, using developer tools like the reactive framework, Hot Reload & integrated tooling

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“Diversity not only needs to be seen, but also to be heard... I need a microphone!” @ajlucio5 @wolfepereira Talks about creating holistic, systemic change #ForbesIDEA

“Diversity and inclusion are disruptive... we must think beyond ourselves” - 13-year-old Under 30 honoree @iammarleydias at #ForbesIDEA Summit

Diversity impacts society on multiple levels, including health. Having different types of people with different concerns, needs, and ideas at a table can greatly impact who gets served and who gets ignored. #ASeatAtTheTable #Diversity #ForbesIDEA #TuesdayThoughts

Google is investigating autocomplete predictions that identify victims in sexual assault cases $GOOG https://t.co/QAbOfH8plW

Starbucks announced that anyone could use its bathrooms. Here's why they should have kept it a secret. https://t.co/qAoY5mvByh

Preteen guests at one hotel can drive Land Rover vehicles at a closed track alongside a professional driver https://t.co/sj68AnoWBB

Amazon is selling AI software to cops that can scan for hundreds of thousands of faces for $6 per month https://t.co/hi1bM0qhVC

Starbucks beats tech at mobile payments and the Obamas have a new gig! Here are three things to know today. (with @Liz_Webber)

The CEO of Valeant's secret pharmacy and a former employee have been found guilty of a multimillion-dollar kickback scheme https://t.co/fKx5NRqQ2S

Unity Tree abstract watercolor painting created by #Gemstars #Art #Artist

Cole Haan is starting its Memorial Day sale early with 40% off sale styles — and more of today's best deals from around the web https://t.co/NOzk2dWQuD by @insider_picks

Feeling anxious? This simple Navy SEAL trick calms your nervous system in 5 minutes flat. https://t.co/sbheDRvu1G

Here's how to watch Mark Zuckerberg's testimony to EU Parliament https://t.co/DSM3joU0j9

Malaysia's new anti-corruption chief tells how he received death threats after pursuing a 2015 investigation into corruption at the country's sovereign wealth fund 1MDB https://t.co/zvWBvQBkd5

Lufthansa to offer Economy 'Light' fare on North American routes https://t.co/Q0GFeKMmn9

What you need to know on Wall Street today https://t.co/skbcQnQCpa

Tesco is planning to close its Tesco Direct website that sells general merchandise, putting 500 jobs at risk https://t.co/33NFheRb7Z

SpaceX is about to launch 2 NASA satellites that will scan Earth for gravitational anomalies — here's how to watch live https://t.co/mq8JcSOgG9

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg may today find European lawmakers tougher than those in Congress https://t.co/DNladGNCC4

MoviePass’ owner sinks to a new low as financial struggles linger https://t.co/Phj1Jaba1f

Americans don't trust vaccines like they used to https://t.co/JpxB1RjA2n

How the @RiflePaperCo Founders Turned a Side Hustle Into a Thriving Lifestyle Brand | by @stephschomer (on @WomenEnt) https://t.co/WeQaqbCMm2

Wooing Germany and its influential automakers ahead of Chancellor Merkel's visit later this week, China cuts its tariffs on imported cars and car parts https://t.co/99eA2l8YT1

Research reveals horses can read and remember your facial expressions

RT @Randy_Gage: The Best Way to Reach Your Goals: https://t.co/4IMrTxVrg1 #TuesdayThoughts

It’s time to stop calling it "artificial" intelligence https://t.co/fgSRNBHgaG

3 Mind Hiccups Every Entrepreneur Should Avoid - https://t.co/vHWS3jBl7z

‘I have no idea what the lady was singing about, but it relaxed me.’ How a famed Amazonian opera house is trying to woo its neighbors https://t.co/44qyfEd43a

This Former Wall Streeter Turned Down $2M and Pays Herself Less Than Her Interns So She Can Build Her Company on Her Terms https://t.co/ue5DkvHzDb

Japan, Russia, Turkey bring potential U.S. tariff retaliation to $3.5 billion https://t.co/3f3eANNaMX

Season 2 of Netflix's controversial hit '13 Reasons Why' is a huge misfire that critics are calling 'pointless' and 'boring' https://t.co/tfyuGcjXYP

Are driverless cars being dangerously over-hyped, leading to confusion over the difference between full autonomy and driver-assistance tech?

Warren Buffett says to hire people with this trait (unless you want them to be dumb and lazy) https://t.co/3XrXhvRuJN

.@iammarleydias on embracing young voices at the #ForbesIDEA Summit https://t.co/qXNBazA3DA

The right way to read a dive watch https://t.co/pSc2v9Rv0S

Today on Snapchat: One year of 'college,' with no debt and a job at the end. Plus, where do college students move after graduation? https://t.co/hIlIrdnsDP

What's the Secret to Becoming a Leader? Stop Being a Boss. | by @peterdaisyme https://t.co/nabQBm9TNV

BP to cut 3 percent of upstream jobs by year-end https://t.co/oqRLH9i47h

15 time habits of the most productive founders https://t.co/DWzT9OXPEV

Delta Air Lines and Coca-Cola opened a mediocre airport lounge for middle seat passengers only https://t.co/67GQ6GBFFa

Garden Path abstract acrylic painting created by #Gemstars #Art #Artist

This high-end German shaver reads the length of your beard and adjusts for a perfect shave in one pass — and it's on sale now, making it a perfect early Father's Day gift https://t.co/Zd1SBfEbLx by @insider_picks

“Just because a woman doesn’t have a lot of money or connections doesn’t mean someone isn’t going to stand up for them," said Emily Martin, general counsel of the National Women’s Law Center. The #MeToo Movement expands to low-wage women. https://t.co/x9UERwYvOD

Elon Musk’s electric-car company, Tesla, made the biggest leap on this year’s #Fortune500—moving up 123 spots https://t.co/m5YQFFtZD6

What do the Emir of Qatar and members of the Agnelli and Hermès family have in common? Houses here https://t.co/neFDQB2TUB

There are 17 newcomers on the World’s Most Powerful list of 2018

Police took 4 minutes to corner the Santa Fe shooter and 25 to capture him — here's how the lengthy firefight went down https://t.co/MZAm7jZd79

No business today--large or small--has any business or any real excuse for being dumb about media buys. https://t.co/s9UxlRX7Gd

Artificially intelligent weeders could be disrupting a $100 billion pesticides industry https://t.co/lwOMGQxL7H #WorldAtWork Via @tpolansek and @Ludwigburg

German economists join forces against eurozone reform https://t.co/wFYAaJclL2

Demand for donated organs far outstrips supply. But researchers are working to remedy the crisis using everything from gene-edited pigs to 3D-printed tissue.

🔊 Listen to the latest episode in our Future of Everything podcast https://t.co/7CGJrgCe4u

Thanks Harold! RT @HaroldSinnott: Before #Klout shutdown, I gave @LeadToday a +K on #Leadership.
Steve is among the top 0.1% of people talking about Leadership.

@Klout via @HaroldSinnott

Elon Musk says Tesla will fix Model 3 braking issues after Consumer Reports slams the car for 'big flaws' https://t.co/NvUDtlOpSi

AccorHotels to decide on Huazhu board seat after Huazhu buys stake in company https://t.co/EHwYvV9VVy

.@emilychangtv, author of 'Brotopia' and Bloomberg TV Anchor, on the sexist 'bro-culture' of Silicon Valley

This new McDonald's takes the concept of delivery to an astounding level https://t.co/lObvXSWtmQ

Come try your hand at do-it-yourself AI at our AIY booth over in #Makerstown event in Brussels. Take things apart, make things better, and see what problems you can solve with our vision & voice maker kits #GrowWithGoogle https://t.co/2y3gP70DhE


In Tuesday's Brexit Briefing, the EU is on a post-Brexit road to Sibiu https://t.co/ZCthNdkbXi

I ate at Hong Kong's 'cafeteria for the wealthy,' where the city's rich and famous hobnob over flawless Cantonese food https://t.co/EVs3LaGLrv

Random RT Thanks @TodaBolivia @onniben @ckkaufmannsvcs @daintl @aallara @cksidney @ibrahimmalcolm @topwinsome @libroderick2 @FlowingBladeB @PageWaver @LeadFastNow @KanoWane @TammyKohl @victorhy

.@SpeakerRyan on House leadership: "Obviously I serve at the pleasure of the members."

Full video here: https://t.co/G8IDA8572F

With a wealth of data available through social media data mining, AI trading algorithms now have it easier to assess the fundamentals | on @EntMagazineME https://t.co/UUE3EKpSnZ

‘Wish you weren’t here’: Top global destinations impose new rules restricting growing throngs of tourists https://t.co/Ck7lE27Xpn

Chinese hospitals often prevent parents of newborns from seeing their babies if they can't pay up https://t.co/giqPAjUfA4

Supreme Court, Class Actions, Obamas, Netflix: Broadsheet May 22 https://t.co/BYSLR9mstC

Leonardo DiCaprio has a beetle species named after him in recognition of his efforts to protect the environment

Hillary Clinton just gave a master class in emotional intelligence and trolling in a single speech https://t.co/RO7ovjXaqO

John McCain addresses conspiracy theories about him and the salacious Trump-Russia dossier: 'Anyone who doesn't like it can go to hell' https://t.co/7R9UsDvBTC

Sonos is running a rare sale that includes its new Alexa-enabled smart speaker https://t.co/mbyNW9Paql by @insider_picks

You're Thinking About the Career Ladder All Wrong | by @StephanieSNewby (on @WomenEnt) https://t.co/iI0r0odjxt

3 reasons why Mark Zuckerberg’s EU grilling today will be tougher than his congressional interrogation https://t.co/304YFRo5Gs

I tasted my way across Mexico's best tequila distilleries — here's what you should be drinking this summer — by @rtcarden https://t.co/jh2iEjLuVW

US Steel is surging after Mnuchin says the steel tariffs are still on for China https://t.co/wKhVoOxq3t

When @ajlucio5 pushed the agencies he worked with to match @HP’s diversity practices, they did. They didn’t push back on him about it, and even saw positive business impact as a result. #ForbesIDEA #diversity

« If you don’t have senior management that looks like the young talent you bring in, you’re going to lose them. » - @HP CMO, Antonio Lucio. #facts #forbesidea #mimconnect

Ever wanted to know how you can get into real estate? Here's the best place to start. https://t.co/3VwHD9C8Wl

“The first challenge a marketer has is to earn a seat at the table. You have to be able to talk the talk.”- Antonio Lucio, CMO at HP, Inc. #ForbesIDEA
Presented by @Quantcast

Critics say '13 Reasons Why' season 2 is still controversial, but lacks the redeeming qualities of the first season https://t.co/tfyuGcjXYP

NYSE appoints Cunningham first female leader https://t.co/nrVHDf7car

Elon Musk Introduces His Pet Snail 'Gary' at an L.A. Event to Tout His Underground Traffic Tunnel https://t.co/bvZddcGXMR

Paid Program for Esri: Learn how location intelligence can empower your business, even when disaster strikes. https://t.co/ut8QvFAotu

Book it like a billionaire with Bill Gates' summer reading list https://t.co/rp87EEuC9U

The rising tide of the IoT — and how it's going mainstream https://t.co/kk1hfNJS18

As @andrewrsorkin reread “The Art of the Deal,” he was struck by this line: “I never get too attached to one deal or one approach. I keep a lot of balls in the air, because most deals fall out, no matter how promising they seem at first.” Here's why: https://t.co/c5aPpqZpgW

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