The elderly contribute to and are affected by climate change. The notion that they care less than the young about the issue holds true only for Republicans, a survey has found.

World faces 'clear and present danger' from trade war escalation

The Boeing 737 Max's return to the air has reportedly been delayed by regulators looking into emergency procedures on older Boeing jets

Thanks to @businessinsider and @BWLogan for featuring myself and my newest company ArtX (@ArtX2020)

Never been more passionate about anything I’ve ever worked on before, excited for the future.

If the Bruins win the Stanley Cup, it would be Boston’s 13th championship this century in the four major sports

Lawyers involved in litigation against Hollywood movie mogul Harvey Weinstein are nearing a $44m legal settlement, says a person involved in the talks.

The deal may still fall apart as there are multiple parties involved in the negotiations.

As companies make progress on blockchain technical challenges, new obstacles are emerging—and this time they’re human

ICYMI: Google suspends business with Huawei that requires the transfer of software and hardware products except those covered by open source licenses via @ReutersTV


3 Ways to Rethink Motivation in a Busy World -

Palantir was expected to IPO in 2019, but that dream is now reportedly on hold until next year

United Airlines shakes up Avianca leadership after shareholder default

Tensions in a New Mexico town are flaring as Border Patrol drops off hundreds of migrants there each day: "You have volunteers that are starting to get burned out. There’s no turning them away. So what then?"

⚡️ The world's best contortionist performs for Cirque du Soleil 🎪

The Trump Administration is—very quietly—looking at ways to reinvigorate the flagging private long-term care insurance market

.....The Dems want a second shot at Bob Mueller, are very unhappy with the No Collusion Report. They should not be allowed to play this game any longer - no second chances - must get back to work. So bad for our Country!

From accessibility to privacy, @SatyaNadella spoke with @NowThisNews about some of the most important topics in tech today. Watch their full conversation now:

The founders of the Pillars Fund seek to strengthen a network of Muslim support groups while countering negative perceptions and stereotypes, writes @sullivanpaul.

The Trump administration is invoking an emergency provision to go ahead with multibillion-dollar US arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates without congressional approval.

Want to Be Engaged in Your Career? Be Indispensable.

How IndyCar’s CEO ended its 20-year skid:

Why Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are in an epic feud that's lasted years

More than a thousand North Koreans try to escape the country each year

You can get $1 tacos from Taco Bell on your iPhone through May 29 — here's how

Thanks Frank! RT @FSonnenberg: The Art of Leadership by @LeadToday #leadership #LeadershipDevelopment

From WeWork to Walmart, here are 9 companies founded by military veterans

Go for it. There is always room for civil disobedience. The value of ideas and the voice of all people should be much stronger than a check . But it takes both sides listening. When any of us condemn people , rich or poor, for who we think they are, we can’t advance any cause

Rep. Jerrold Nadler was taken to the hospital for a medical exam after feeling unwell during a public meeting in New York

The US has approved the world's most expensive drug: a gene therapy from Novartis that treats spinal muscular atrophy at a cost of $2.1m.

The medicine costs more than twice that of the world’s second most expensive drug, Luxterna, sold at $850,000

A near-record number of Americans will travel this Memorial Day weekend

Your Competition–Three Strategies #VideoFriday

Hollywood talent agency Endeavor may be complicating the script for its own IPO. @jennifersaba

'I entrusted my pension to German builders'

Federal prosecutors charged two men in connection with a scheme to persuade women with pelvic mesh implants to get the devices surgically removed to bolster the value of lawsuits against the manufacturers of the mesh.

If you're still relying on perks like catered lunches, you need to step up your game @c_albertdeitch

This software giant runs on one man’s gut

A FEMA official is under investigation over claims she steered Puerto Rico power-grid work to a contractor after Hurricane Maria

Is the conflict between the US and Huawei a tech cold war? As America goes on a defining moment to isolate an economic and political adversary, it is also trying to limit the power and reach of the Chinese company.

Read our analysis:

CBD may reduce cravings and anxiety in recovering heroin abusers

Sears had everything needed to be an e-commerce leader, but poor decision making and lack of foresight left the retail giant trailing its competitors.

WATCH: One of Tesla's former biggest supporters on Wall Street says the carmaker's shares could fall to $10 if tensions with China escalate and demand wanes for its cars via the @ReutersTV tech playlist

Mitch McConnell and our Republican Senators have been very solid and strong. We have accomplished a great deal together, in particular with our Courts, 107 Federal Judges....

Recap From Yesterday!!! Not Bad & Today I Have Baseball & WNBA!! PLAYS ARE READY!!🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑 Lets Eat!! 😎😎😎 @ Circus Circus Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

Expats’ millions in life savings disappear from Mexican accounts

This is what Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak wants to be remembered for

15 current and former Fortune 500 CEOs who got their start in the military

WeWork wants to be its own landlord (it also wants $2.8 billion)

Don't know where to find the results for the European Parliament election? Make sure to bookmark this page and come back on Sunday for the latest updates:

Opinion: “Which way to Pointe du Hoc? It’s the question for them and for all, isn’t it? What will our great achievement be? And who will be there with us, climbing alongside, as we seize crucial terrain together?”

Meet the 32-year-old wealth detective who finds the hidden money of the super rich

A new study shows that men appear twice as often as women in photos that accompany news stories posted on Facebook

Looking for a more impactful way to run your company? Pro tip: get outside of it @beckfeldt

Thames Water boss Steve Robertson steps down

#OnThisDay in 1883 the Brooklyn Bridge opened to traffic. #NYC #history Architectural Historian Barry Lewis talks about Roebling's vision for the pedestrian walkways, "...he gave them the best view."

Jennifer Piepszak is now CFO of JPMorgan Chase — here are the lessons she's learned in her 20 years with the company

Can Social Media Have Negative Effects on the Brain? | by @benangel

Marc Benioff’s acquisitions have kept Salesforce growing at an incredible rate. He’s also made some costly errors

Market respite, May day, Maersk warning: CEO Daily for May 24, 2019

"It represents the worst day of my life." America’s highest award for combat valor, the Medal of Honor, is hard to live with.

Just published: front page of FT Weekend, international edition, Saturday 25 May

If Trump gets away with this @ChrisMurphyCT told me he's not sure "why any president would ever come to Congress to approve an arms sale" moving forward.

Thanks Karen! RT @karen_johnson1: The Art of Leadership via @LeadToday

Your company's future leaders are probably right under your nose. Here's how to sniff them out -- and help them grow into the role.

The US just approved a new treatment for a devastating disease that costs $2.1 million — making it the most expensive drug in the world

Check out the 5 best luxury SUVs under $50,000:


There is a lot of intense reaction -- positive and negative to my story about #reparations and what the economic nuts and bolts of a program might look like, and the type of questions that would have to be answered....

The Conservative party will try to speed up the election of Theresa May's replacement as leader as it fears that a long process could jeopardise its credibility even more

5 Success Principles We Can Learn From Floyd Mayweather -

The 10 highest-grossing movies of all time, including 'Avengers: Infinity War'

Why you should throw out any core value that uses ‘honesty,’ ‘Integrity,’ or ‘ethical’ @beckfeldt

UK utility Thames Water CEO to step down

Watch how @spatialxr is using #HoloLens2 to help companies collaborate better.

The Boeing MAX jet's return to service has been further delayed by an expanded FAA review including emergency procedures used on older 737s

This week on #MicrosoftUnboxed 📦

We're talking animal tech 🐹

I share how scientists are tracking snow leopards with selfies 🐆

@sonia_dara covers the research of purple martins at @DisneyParks 🐦

Check it out!

Brainstorm Health: Heart disease, Amazon emotion detection, JPMorgan and Purdue

Chief executives often get payed even when they're bogged down in scandals

Diplomats try to dial down U.S.-Iranian tensions with back-channel talks as Washington builds up its Middle Eastern presence

Brazil’s top court has voted in favour of making homophobia and transphobia crimes.

The decision comes amid a rising tide of state-backed hostility towards sexual minorities in the country and delivers a blow to President Jair Bolsonaro

Closing the opportunity divide in Boston #paid @gradsoflife

WATCH: Google suspends some business with Huawei following the blacklisting of the Chinese technology giant by the Trump administration via @ReutersTV

Robinhood, a trading app loved by millennials, is reportedly nearing funding that would value it at over $7 billion

Movie Stars, Media and Marketing Executives Offer Insights into Platforms and Community @michellemanafy

Just published: front page of FT Weekend, UK edition, Saturday 25 May

In setback to Africa’s gay-rights activists, a Kenyan court rules a colonial-era law criminalizing gay sex isn’t discriminatory

Almost half of the movie sequels planned for release this summer are expected to make it into the top 10 box office earners of the season.

Will rolling back vehicle emission standards hurt electric vehicles?

U.S. approves $2 million Novartis gene therapy for rare, deadly muscle disorder

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